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Jun 22, 2022
I have 2 white pekins I believe one male and one female. Saturday morning my in laws came over for a visit and brought their dogs (I have 4 of my own none of which bother my ducks). When I woke up they were here first thing I do in the morning is go and care for them. Well my nephews were watching the duck and as I was getting ready to tell them to not bother the ducks can look but don't chase or touch. The oldest (4) told me that there dog hurt the ducks and they are bleeding. Told them to keep their dog inside and if she needed to be let out watch her intently. They didn't seem to care🤬. Luckily they were only over for the day. Anyways I quickly got to then to access the situation and do what I could. Daisy has the worse of injuries 2 deep wounds by her tail entire back is plucked small wound at base of neck. Donald has minor punture wounqds on back back also plucked but not as bad. By the time I got to them they had maggots😭😭😡 rinsed both them off in the sink, rinsed them with peroxide and back to sink till we got all maggots plucked some. Then covered wounds in petroleum jelly to protect it. Next night daisy didn't have any maggots but Donald had newly hatched on his one puncture so we cleaned them out. Reapply peroxide and petroleum jelly. Last night my boyfriend was able to get some antifungal antiseptic spray. At this point we haven't seen any maggots in over a day. We still rinsed the wounds and rinsed with peroxide and sprayed the wounds with the antifungal/antiseptic spray. I will see about adding picures when I can get them. I would also like to add that besides the wounds they are acting normal like themselves eating drinking swimming quacking etc. I was reading that they need antibiotics, what kind of antibiotics? Can I buy otc and administor? How much? Please no negative comments I am extremely new to owning pet ducks following my boyfriends direction in all this since he has more knowledge about it owning flocks before. Unfortunately we can't afford vet atm but am willing to buy anything I need for them (medications as long as its not hundreds of dollars). We feel like they are gonna make a full recovery but I'm still cautious. They are my sons ducks hence the name Donald and daisy lol. Thank you all for taking the time to read my lecture and possibly helping.
They are kept in a large dog crate at night right now to keep food and water close and protect better from predators. Can I use normal antibiotic cream ink think I have some of that. I also have a benedryl cream. I also wanna mention idk if it would work but I have first aid dermaplast.

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