Dog attacked chicken


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Sep 25, 2013
My after dinner, I found my sisters lab/greyhound mix under the house with my chicken. He was pretty limp and I thought he was dead, but after picking him up, he was in ,more or less, one piece. He was covered in dirt and in a hole she dug, though he has no puncture wounds. He was very still and did not respond to anything. He is droopy, especially his wings, and sneezing a lot. The hen was gone and with him back in the cage, we looked for 45 minutes and then she just appeared. She started to eat and so did he. Right now he is on my desk, on both feet making grinding noises and "zzz" noises and opening and closing his beak and clicking it and sneezing. He still has dirt all over him and is missing feathers along with having a lot of broken ones. He has a few cuts and I am not sure what to do with it, what disinfectant to use. He looks like he is trying to sleep and his wings are droopy. He will close his eyes then open them and stare at me intently. He responds to noises and will look around to see, then go back to trying to sleep.His head seems fine. What should I do? I know I was stupid to leave them unprotected, but I don't want him to have to suffer. I am thinking of re homing them because my sister's dog probably is not going to leave them alone and is ,unfortunately, the best digger and jumper and swimmer and runner I have ever seen. She can get on the roof of our SUV, the counter tops, anything. She swims like a fish, runs like a deer, digs like mole. I think they would be safer with someone else. Not to mention all the raccoons, hawks, stray dogs, coyotes, owls, hawks, opossums and myself. I have never had chickens before and the dog has never seen them, mine has not seen them either, but he does not chase them. He just lays down and watches, even if they are excited, running around, flapping. He just started to try and get his feather back in order and shake a little dirt from them. I don't know if anything is broken or ruptured or anything though, but he did not pull away when he was calm in my hands and I checked him (Is that a bad sign then?). I just don't know, I have enough tears to end the drought and enough anger at the dog and myself to fill an ocean. This is harder than I thought.
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If you have betadine or hibiclens, make a weak solution and wash the cuts and scrapes, and rinse. If no antiseptics, just use dish detergent like Dawn and water. Dry well and apply antibiotic ointment --neosporin, etc. He may be in shock. Offer him scrambled eggs, food and water and keep him in the house in a cage. If he makes it look for signs of infection in the wounds daily, and reapply neosporin.
He probably has some shock and is sore all over. I would clean any wounds and apply antibiotic cream to them. You could give him some sugar water or pedi lyte for extra electrolytes, and let him sleep it off. If he were to have internal damage there wouldnt be much of anything you could do for him anyway. Good Luck, I hope he will be ok!!!
I found this note on shock:
Treating shock:

Keep the hen warm and quiet - preferably in a slightly darkened area and don't disturb her unless necessary (i.e. don't let the kids or whomever in to cuddle her or pick her up unless it has to be done). Bach's rescue remedy is usually fairly easy to get and it seems to have some effect in treating shock in animals and people. Metacam (an anti inflammatory/pain killer) is available from your vet and is very good at treating shock in birds, especially when it is accompanied by an injury. We use it at the wildlife rehabilitation where I volunteer, for treating window-strike injuries in birds. The dose is 0.1 mg/kg, once per day, orally. If you don't think your hen has any internal injuries (i.e. the dog didn't pick her up and shake her), then you may try giving her aspirin, in her water, at a half-dose (two and a half (325mg) aspirin in 4 litres water, given free choice. If you do suspect internal bleeding (comb is pale, mucous membranes in mouth are paler than normal) then don't give any aspirin as it thins the blood and can aggravate internal bleeding. Do not give aspirin AND metacam at the same time.

If she has not started to drink within 24 hours and is getting dehydrated, you may have to either tube feed her, syringe feed her or give her sub-cutaneous fluids (with sterile saline or lactated ringers solution). I can give you further assistance if need be...


Another note I found
ok, a similar thing happened to me, 2 dogs ( not mine) got into my pen and killed 2 chocks, the other one was very subdued, panting heavily and looked a bit mashed up, no blood as such but had been had.
my partner at the time told me to kill it, it wont survive blah bla.
me being a soft touch decided to bed her down in the nesting compartment of her cage, she was kept in the dark and quiet, and as she would not Move to eat or drink i was taking her water on the hour and food once a day, no joke this went on for 3 weeks with little improvement, i even began to doubt it myself, HOWEVER.......... 3 days later i saw her head peering round the opening and witnessed her come out to eat. she gradually got stronger and made a full recovery! im so glad i did not listen to my partner, it depends how badly hurt yours is mine was clearly just stressed and badly bruised.
hope she is ok good luck they can be hard yer than u think but the main thing is not to let her suffer.


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