Dog helped with culling?!?!

Crest Acres Girl

11 Years
Mar 5, 2008
Southern California
Today my grandmother decided she wanted to eat one of her meat quails, she have two left and figured monday is a good day. We went out and she took the quail that was pickin on everyone else but then lost grip and the sly devil flew out of their hand!!

We lost it and figured ah oh well guess we wont have quail!! Few ours later we saw Guddy her retriever with a pink thing sticking out of his mouth! We were so confused and thought he chewed off his tongue or something !!! so we went to check it out and theres the quail!!! all plucked n everything, still whole! Grandma washed it off, cooked it and ate it

Hope the quail didnt suffer :x grandma was thankful, she hates the plucking part
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