dog immune to chocolate???

Hershey bars aren't that high a cocoa content, so not as dangerous as say bakers chocolate. I do think there is some variation of sensitivity too.
I wouldn't allow her to eat anymore - it sounds like russian roulette. She's liable to come across some of the dark, solid chocolate candy, and that could end her" immunity "in a hurry.
Even though your dog has been "immune" to the unhealthy food if this behavior is continued she will most likely eat a food that she won't be able to survive from.
different chocolate foods have different levels of cocoa in them as Watchdog said. Milk chocolate has very little in it, so most dogs can actually eat some with no worse than a bad case of the trots. Other dogs, of course, are even more sensitive so even a little bit will cause serious harm, like an allergy in people. Even a little bit of dark chocolate can cause serious problems because it has higher levels of theobromine in it. Caffine, also toxic to dogs, is higher in some types of chocolate as well. Mix the 2 and viola! Poisoned dog.
Because there is no way to know the levels in the chocolate and how a particular dog will react to them, it's easier to say "NO CHOCOLATE" than to give a complex formula for deciding how much is safe for your dog.
Well I'm trying to keep her from stealing it, also she has drunken Pepsi, can't believe shes alive right now
shes never eaten dark chocolate though thank goodness! Also she a Australian cattle dog, if that has to do with her being 'immune'
She is not immune, just very lucky so far. Milk chocolate isn't as dangerous as baker's chocolate or dark chocolate. Maybe you need to start being more careful about leaving foods within her reach.

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