Dog paralysis..any ideas? *UPDATE*


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My 6 yr. old dog is now showing signs of the same thing that killed my youngest 2 yr. old dog 2 weeks ago. She is shaking, having trouble standing and walking, and has loose bowels, not quite diarrhea, but not solid either. I can't take another dying!!! Some are telling me this could be parvo. She did miss her shots last year. We were low on money at the time she was due, so put it off, and did not get another reminder like we usually do, so it got forgotten
I called the vet and have her an appointment today to be tested and get shots, but does anyone have experience with an older dog getting this? My other dog, had gotten out and we assumed she had been hit, because she came back hunched up and shaking. We kept her on baby aspirin because she just had a few scrapes we didn't think warranted a vet visit. Then she died suddenly after acting as if she was getting better and playing with us the day before. Any ideas? 2:30 appointment is a long way off
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Could it be poisoning? If they run loose sometimes, could they have both gotten into the same thing? So sorry you're going through all this.
They run our fenced in 1.5 acres. The younger dog had gotten out, but not my fatty dog..she couldn't squeeze through the little hole my skinny dog found. Bless her heart, she's like a watermelon with legs
I hope we don't lose her too!
my sons dog had it a few weeks ago. Had diarrhea, was weak and wouldnt eat and eventually coudlnt stand. He was treated and did recover but he is about a year old I believe. Im not sure what the survival rate is in an older dog. Try not to worry too much till you get to the vet and find out for sure. We just lost our beagle so I know what kind of grief your going thru. Let us know what the vet says.
If your dog (the 6 year old) has always had her Parvo vaccinations since she was a puppy, you're probably not dealing with Parvo. Even missing the last year. Anyway, it sounds more like poisoning.

Older dogs that do get Parvo have a good chance of survival with treatment, the survival rate in puppies is not so good.

We will be thinking good thoughts for you, please keep us updated.

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DO NOT VACCINATE THIS DOG. If she does have Parvo virus, it won't help. It does not sound like parvo to me, however, only HEALTHY dogs should be vaccinated.

If this dog has been vaxed for CPV after 12 weeks of age, it is most likely immune. My dogs do not get vaccinations every year, this is not needed.

It sounds like poisoning to me too, wishing you good luck on figuring it out, but DO NOT VACCINATE THIS DOG.
Cindi. First, settle down. Get the emotions in a box somewhere else for now. Don't go into the vet's office yelling Parvo. Go in there with specific symptoms and no opinions. Let the vet do the job they were trained to do.

Now, think. What could she possibly have eaten? Are you or the neighbors putting out rat poison? The hunched position suggests abdominal pain. Is this watermelon dog doing that? Could even be impacted bowel. Has she been eating shavings or any other poop laden material? 1.5 acres is a lot of ground to cover, but if someone in the area has poisoned critters, or if shot critters are decomposing on your property, you may have ick.
Have any of your neighbors complained about you are your dogs? Definitely check that fenceline.

Parvo is actually pretty rare these days, and if she has Parvo she would have runs that would be water AND a very distinctive smell. Trust me, once you smell it, you never forget. Vaccinations do tend to linger longer than a year, chances are she is covered.

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