dog with cut on muzzle... my panic has subsided lol .

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    We just brought the dogs in ... at about 3 i noticed that koda ( the great pyr puppy) had some blood on his muzzle. i wiped it away - it just looked like a streak of blood. I did not check it closely because he was playing rough with his sister and i assumed the blood was from that ( mouth, mouthing too hard , ect) Now that i brought him in I was going to wipe it off and noticed that it is indeed a wound. It's about 1/2 to 1 inch long, going from the side of his muzzle downwards... not on the bridge of his nose or lip . it doesnt look terribly deep but it is angled in such a way that it has a flap... but its not like the flaps that are super thin and the skin dies, this is a decently thick flap. the wound is not jagged. its actually a perfectly straight line. I am not sure what he did it on... i am thinking maybe hailey swiped at him while playing and her toenail cut him...

    It's sunday so the vet will be no less than 200. but if i need to take him i need to take him. it's no longer bleeding. If i can wait till tomorrow it would be better obviously. . . I am going to clean it out with 50% diluted betadine which i have already given him a happy pill for.

    what to do?
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    Quote:Sounds like you have things under control! Stop the bleeding if it hasn't already, flush and clean the wound, and monitor for signs of infection. It will likely need stitches, but I am sure a vet can sneak you in tomorrow.
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    When I had my toe sutured, they said that if I waited until the next day, they would not have been able to suture it.
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    i know they wont stitch it tomorrow- but its already been 4 hours and by the time i shut the house down and get there it will be an hour from now and then however long i have to wait. . I dont think they will stitch it at that point. I DO have some doggy wound glue from an old injury around here somewhere- im waiting for his breeder (and our good friend) to text me back so that i can see what she thinks. . . I'm thinking i can shave it, clean it and then just glue the sides and leave a drain hole. someones going to be miserable inside but im afraid of maggots!
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    sounds weird I know but its what we use at the vets and grooming etc. at the vets they have purple skin glue.. we in the cheap seats call it.. super glue.. clean the wound. then apply the super glue and let it set.. it will heal just fine no stitches needed and usually no scar.. I was bad about cutting my fingers grooming ( better thant he dog) and finally the vet in the building gave me my own tube of glue.. works like a charm every time... the next time your at the vet as them about skin glue.. might be worth it to get a tube on hand for the puppy [​IMG]

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    I cleaned it out pretty well, its not terribly deep because its angled but i ended up using soap and water to clean really well then applying a good shot of Trypzyme-V spray. I did glue the top of the wound to the middle point but the bottom has a little swelling and so the edges did not meet fully- i left that open to drain. I'll watch him tonight and take him to work with me tomorrow so that if he needs to be seen he can. I will prob. have to go get antibiotics anyway. guess he's going to get housetraining lessons this week ( he's mostly outside by his own choice) because im afraid of infection/maggots.
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    Check to see if their claws need trimming.

    My dogs often get cuts on the face if a nail gets too sharp

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