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    My batch of Wyandotte & Wyandotte/OE chicks has been hatching all day and just about all of them are out and almost completely fluffed now. =D

    One chick in particular, a little Wyandotte/Olive Egger mix is SO cute, yellow(buff) with black chipmunk marks. I picked her([​IMG]) up and was snuzzling her telling her she's just the cutest and my and them I looked down to see a SINGLE COMB!! ...bummed I was...

    I know Rose combs are dominant, but what about Pea combs?
    All 3 of my OE girls have nice little Pea combs but I spotted at least 2 chicks in this batch with single combs. All chicks from last year(also wyandotte/OE mix) had rose combs & I guess I just expected all these babies to have Rose combs with maybe a few Pea's tossed in.

    And I am so excited, I even got one little Splash baby from my Splash Wyandotte hen. [​IMG]

  2. Bleenie

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    Anyone? :(
  3. i would help you but i dont know nothing about genetics

    thats why i asked about my green eyes thing! XD
  4. Henk69

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    Rosecomb and peacomb are both dominant and combined you would get a wallnutcomb, or a strawberrycomb depending on the modifiers present.
  5. Jake Levi

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    SC is recessive, so they got it from both parents, the only way to eventually weed it out is to weed them out, dont use them for breeding and use only Pea or Rose Comb roosters, but until you weed out all carriers some will show up.
  6. Ridgerunner

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    A single comb means that neither rose nor pea is present. For chicks to have single combs with neither parent being single combed, the parents would have to be split for pea and/or rose. I don't know which was the father and which was the mother with yours, but say R is dominant rose and P is dominant pea. If the father was R,r and p,p and the mother was r,r and P,p you can get offspring that are:

    R,r and p,p = Rose
    R,r and P,p = Walnut (or some variation)
    r,r and P,p = Pea
    r,r and p,p = Single

    It's also possble that both parents were R,r and p,p or both could be r.r and P,p. You could still come up with a single comb from these pairings.

    Basically neither parent can be pure for both rose and pea for you to get a single combed chick. With Olive Eggers that is pretty normal since they are basically crosses anyway. They can have beautiful colors and patterns but their genetics can be mixed. If you have an OE rooster and OE hens in the mix and your Wyandotte are supposed to be pure, the OE's would be my guess as parents. But if you crossed your OE's and Wyandottes last year and these mixes are possible parents, then all bets are off. Once you starty crossing crosses, strange things can happen.
  7. tadkerson

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    Pea comb is incompletely dominant to single comb. If you have a bird that carries a pea comb allele P and a single comb allele at the pea comb locus p+ ( the bird is P/p+) then the comb will be something in between a pea comb and a single comb. It is weird looking.

    You have to wait until the birds get older to see what it will look like.

    The wyandotte would have to have a walnut comb for the chicks to express homozygous pea comb. The wyandotte only carries one rose comb allele for the offspring to have a heterozygous pea comb (P/p+). It is not unusual for a wyandotte to carry a single comb allele (r+) at the rose comb locus.

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  8. Bleenie

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    Thank you all for the info!! =)

    The rooster is Wyandotte but his "moms" are hatchery stock Buff Wyandottes so the single comb could have come from them i guess. His dad was a BLR i bought from a local breeder, so he Shouldn't have had SC in his background but i guess it's always possible, right?

    The OE moms of this batch are just Black OE's, lol. no idea on their background but there is one girl that I always thought the middle of her pea comb was taller than it should be, so much bigger than the other 2 rows of "bumps" that it squiggles kinda like an S shape....

    The babies were for fun, to get more pretty EE's & hopefully some more "Buff Laced" Wyandottes from the purebred Wyandotte chicks to lay eggs & ornament the yard.

    The single comb was just weird!
  9. Chris09

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    Jun 1, 2009
    To be honest most Blue Laced Red Wyandottes carry Single Comb in there background.
    They used the Rhode Island Red (single comb) to get the dark red into them.

    And yes the hatchery Wyandotte most likely carry Single Comb also.

  10. nicalandia

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    Pea comb is incompletely dominant, while Rose comb is completely dominant(going by Dr. R. Okimoto)

    and sinse Rose Comb is completely dominant over single comb there is no way to visualy tell which carry only one copy..

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