Dominiques: Where Can I Get Good Ones?


How bout them DAWGS!
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May 4, 2009
Buchanan, Georgia
I love Dominiques. I have always called them Dominickers but anyway,
. I would love to have a trio and start breeding them. I want good birds, not mutts. I also don't want to spend and arm and a leg for them. I don't have an incubator so eggs won't help. I wouldn't mind getting some young birds or even mature birds. I just want them!!!
I would like to know where I can get them. I live in Northwest Georgia, about 50 miles west of atlanta on I-20. I don' t mind driving a good way to get them, but how can I make sure I'm getting good birds? So here are my questions for all you wonderful people (browine points)

1. Trustworthy breeders in Georgia?
2. What should I be ready to pay?
3. Is shipping safe? and cost effective?
4. Any books on the basics and I mean basics of breeding/genetics?
I really hope someone can help me with this.
I hope that you find some good quality Dominiques. They are very rare these days.

My first chickens were Dominiques. They were breeder culls, so I can't even comment on the quality of that particular breeder's flock. I can tell you that mine aren't great quality, but that's to be expected when you buy culls. The breeder wouldn't sell me his best stock at point of lay, now would he?

My best idea of how to get good Doms is to find out who's winning at shows. Maybe that info would be in the Poultry Press?

Good luck with your search!
Look here-


From you comments I can determine only one thing - that you need to talk to Dominique breeder Mike Stichler of Greenwich, Ohio.
He is also the official NPIP poultry technician for Ohio. You can reach him through that office at 419-565-3197
You can't go wrong dealing with Mike Stichler.
I second that. Picked up a couple from Mike a couple of years ago & they really helped my breeding program.
Too bad you are are not closer to me. We started a flock of dominiques from show bird stock and they are beautiful. These are the old timey, large birds, not the newer production strain. I have dominiques running out my ears and would gladly sell you 50 or so LOL!!! We bred a BUNCH so we could cull, and just recently sold 26 of the roos.
I can't believe you just posted this question as I just received the book titled The American Dominique by Mark A Fields. It looks awesome, it really lives up to it's reviews! I haven't gotten too far into it yet, but I'll give you his address.

Mark A. Fields
1410 Ridgemont Ct
Columbia, Missouri 65203

He autographed my book, too!
I'll be sure to keep tabs on this thread. Maybe this book will help lead us both in the same direction. I don't know about the Dominiques I got, I suspect they are not pure so I may want to get the real McCoys some day, too. Well, gotta get to work! Talk again later!
KristenH, would you mind posting some pics of your birds? I would like to see what good dominiques look like.

I got rid of the ones I got from a hatchery. They were small, very slow to mature and laid small eggs. Also I got too many strait combs out of them. From what I've read that can happen now and then even with good stock but I felt like I was getting way too many. I never was very happy with them. I had pretty much written off the breed but now I understand that maybe I just had a bad strain.

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