Donating eggs to charity... should I have a "disclaimer" to avoid


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Feb 19, 2009
I will be donating eggs to charity... should I have a "disclaimer" to avoid lawsuits?

I want to donate the "eggstra" eggs to local food pantries and churches. Does anyone suggest that I ask the manager or pastor getting the eggs to sign a "disclaimer" stating I am free from any possible mishandling or the cooking of my eggs?

Am I being too careful? I will be donating about 20 dozen per week.(If I do not hatch them)

Besides I can track my donations for tax purposes. Any advice or do you have a disclaimer form that you can email me? Pm me please

I inquired about donating my extra eggs and i was told that cause i was not inspected by health canada they could not accept them
Have you asked the place that you plan to donate to? If not, do and say that you are concerned and see what solutions you come up with. Like mjsdhs mentioned you may not be able to if not inspected. It is great that you want to donate. I give mine to my neighbors all the time and I get goodies back in return.
I gave 8 dz to the food pantry in our church. they took them, gave them away, and no one said anything about it. I hope I didn't break the law or anything like that.
yep thats right. cant donate them unless they have been inspected. dont ya just love some of our laws. But!!!!! on the other hand, there is no reason why you couldnt just set outside your local food bank, when they are open, and everyone that comes out, hand them a dozen or so yard eggs. They would be forever grateful for sure.

Make sure you are on public roadway or public sidewalk or the workers there will be forced to ask you to leave. Unfortunately that is not considered donating as far as taxes go so you couldnt write them off.
Henry'schickens :

Wouldn't the food pantry know if you did?? Or maybe it is a hush-hush?

yep most CHURCH food pantry offices will take the eggs and distribute them with a hush hush. And you can then write off the donation to the church.

Government sponsored food pantry cannot take them unless they are inspected first.​
My church runs the community food pantry. I donated my eggs back when I had a large laying flock. Everyone loved them. Frankly it never occurred to any of us that it might be illegal. It should be subject to state law (as long as you're not crossing state lines), so check what your state says about egg sales, etc to find out for sure.

I did not have any disclaimers or insurance, but if I did, I would do something along the lines of the disclaimers that commercial egg cartons have on them, put it on the cartons, and leave it at that.
Is it really any different than selling eggs?

To sell less than x doz per year (a big number) in Arkansas you just have to put things like your name/addy, that they are NOT GRADED and I think maybe the date on the cartons. If your state specifies the rules like that, I would figure that's good enough for donating, especially to a church or non-government charity.

I would ask the place that you would be donating to. I figure they would get in trouble, not you.
Heck, ours gives out "out of date" stuff all the time and I seriously doubt it goes back on Kellogs or whoever donated it.

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