DONE!!!! Check out my Cali Coop!


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9 Years
Jul 3, 2010
Orange County
My coop is finally done. Check it out on my BYC page. No eggs yet because the girls aren't old enough, but my kids are having a blast finding worms for them and feeding them parsley. I did it all by myself with the help of my neighbors skill saw
and DH helped to put the roof in place and also with the run. This was built little by little whenever I had a spare moment and the kids would cooperate.
CUTE! Good job with the CraigsList stuff! Chickens look happy, too!

I used to live in Orange County - Garden Grove, to be exact. Had a big enough yard to keep chickens but had a husband back then. The two situations were incompatible.

Uhhh... actually.... well... got chickens now, anyway!
Nice job!

You do understand that chicken wire isn't predator secure, right? So I guess you'll be locking your chickens inside their coop at night for safety. I couldn't quite see, but you aren't using chicken wire for the coop vents, are you?

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