Done molting but still not laying?


May 8, 2018
I have 4 Welsh Harlequins & 1 Cayuga who have been regular layers since 6 months old. They began on Christmas Eve last year - what a great present! They went through a short molt earlier in the summer right about their 1 year birthdays. They stopped laying for about 2 weeks then started up again. Mid summer my Cayuga got broody so I didn't expect much laying from her for a few weeks but the others continued. Then early August they started molting heavily and stopped laying. Now it's been over 6 weeks since our last egg & nothing, even though they seem to have stopped molting and grown their feathers back. They stay in a stall until about 9 am then are let out to free range in a paddock all day. They otherwise seem healthy and sassy.

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