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    Nov 25, 2010
    broody Silkie is viable. :( I finally pulled the one egg out from under her (too much time had passed for it to be viable). Opened it up and, though the chick inside was fully formed and feathered, it was teeny tiny. The eggs were placed under her 7 days apart so, I'll give the other egg a little more time but I'm not holding out any hope that this one is alive. One thing is for sure, momma hen is one little feisty biddy. If this one doesn't make it, I'll try to break her of her broodiness. Poor thing wants to be a mother so badly that, prior to putting the eggs under her, she had been trying to hatch out (or slow toast, not sure which) an Eggo waffle that I had given them one morning as a treat and that she dragged to her nest - it became a real life "Leggo my Eggo" battle when I took it away from her so, I replaced it with some eggs.
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    Awwww...your post was both sad and funny. I feel badly when they really want to hatch and it doesn't work out. Plus now you have me wanting waffles...[​IMG]

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