Don't thow the egg ou without doing this!


8 Years
Mar 16, 2011
Careful what egg you throw out, last night I was taking out four of eggs that did not hatch and remembered what a long time hatcher told me, She said, if the egg was fully developed and did no hatch shake it when you go to dispose of them and see if they peep, sure enough I shook one of the eggs on the way to the garbage after sitting outside the incubator for twenty minutes Peeped! I hurried and put him back in the hatcher and 4 hours later a happy little chick was up and going after nearly being sent to the garbage.....A Happy Chick....... It was day 23 for a silkie egg.
Yikes! I will try that next time! I know I had one hatch in the trash it managed to get out of the trash bag tried to make it across the drive way. I found it a few hours later. But it died. So sad.
I checked my egg one more time last night before i threw it, it was still moving after being on my counter all day long it's in the faux-bator with a pip now >fingers crossed<
I like the name Glad ! What's funny were always' hearing don't open the incubator for one second, blew that theory!!!!!! He was out 20 minutes+
I question that as well, considering mine sat on the kitchen counter from about 8 am till about 630 last night and who knows how long it had been on the ground kicked out of the nest? I've got a pip and an active chick inside right now.
wow really? how many chicks hatched??? sometimes some take a bit longer i will always shake from now on. I hope I havent thown any away
oh my God!!!! See...I'm on day 23 and feeling like maybe nothing is there and then I hear a story like this. Maybe I should go home and shake them a on yours!!!

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