Dont we have a fish guy/gal?

You could add some aquarium salts to your tank. It is also helpful to reduce stress in fish. You could do a slower drip acclamation too. Are you planning on quarantining them, or just adding them and hoping? That's what I do. It usually works out, but sometimes it doesn't quite work out.

You could also put them in a bucket with an aerator, and their original water, than add some of yours. Let them acclimate, than add more. Keep that up for an hour or two adding water every 15-30 minutes before adding them to your tank.

It all depends on how you feel about loses from new fish.
Well I dont want to lose any. They are going into a tank I have been keeping guppys in. The guppys are getting moved first. So only thing in there will be a snail. Salt lowers or softens the water ?
Salt will buffer the water and help the fish keep a good slime coat. I would do the slow acclimating. They should be able to adjust to it. In my experiences with angels they are hardier than usually stated but can die if water parameters change too quickly. If you have access to softened water you could switch them over more slowly. We have a water softener, and I use softened water in my tanks without problems here.
Here some info on hardness.
Here's some on aquarium salts or any usable salts.
What is your tap water or what you are using, hard, soft? It is better to use rain water or osmosis water to soften water not chemicals. You end up with a battle maintaining water conditions. Use the bucket method as described to acclimate to your fish. Live plants are a good way to help everything in an aquarium. Unless you are looking to breed then water hardness within limits is not a big deal.
dip strips.
Hi York, hows you ?
Old hen, thanks for the links
I actually have a water softener but it dont have salt in it . I am disabled and that is just too heavy to keep up with.
Also the one fish store we have here, (hr drive) has hard water and my guppys like the hard water so I didnt want to change it up.
I actually do want to breed angels down the line .

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