Dosing Sumet

Sulmet soluable powder dosage- add 2 tablesoons to each gallon of water, medicate for 2 days, then reduce drug concentration to one-half (1 tablespoon per gallon of water) for 4 additional days.
There's a 10 day withdrawal period for slaughter. Excessive dosage may cause toxic reactions. Dont try hatching eggs during medication and for short periods thereafter.
I recommend you follow these directions; simply withdraw one quart of the mixture out of the one gallon mixture and use the one quart mixture as necessary.
Glad I asked. This formula is much different that another one I found on line,
which was to measure 1 tsp per gallon for the first couple of days and then back off to 1/2 tsp in a gallon of water for 4 days.

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