Double shelless egg/ diff then dbl yolk

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14 Years
May 10, 2009
Vassar , Michigan
My Coop
My Coop
Hi, I'm new to chickens this year.. And I'm already getting to experience alot of weird things> like the picture below and a viable double yolker in the bator, first time bator here too...

Well two nights into the new coop I woke up to this.. 2 shelless eggs connected by what looks like an umbilical cord.. in the cord was a ky jelly type of clear stuff.. the one egg had broke and the yolk was in the nesting box, Heres a picture..
I believe this was from my RIR.. I got these year old hens on May 18th.. and just moved them into the new coop from their little tractor coop.
They are on layer feed, are giving oyster shell randomly in their food and have it available at all times. I have also been giving them yogurt since theyve been here every other day along with other treats like grapes, watermelon , salad, scrambled eggs..


I should probably add that all eggs have been normal since this... I had one other shelless egg the first night they were at my home.
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