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Apr 23, 2011
SW Arkansas
I have an EE that has been laying for around a month now. We have been looking for normal sized eggs, hoping the pullet egg will come to an end soon. Well, twice last week and twice so far this week, we found slightly larger than normal eggs. When we cracked them open, they were double yolked. My husband seems to believe that she will always lay double yolk eggs. Has anyone ever heard of this?? We just hatched out one of her pullet eggs, and another has internally pipped. I am wondering if this maybe genetic.

If she lays one today, I will add a pic... I normally get 3 eggs per day, but have nothing so far...
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When my EE pullets began laying, almost every egg was a double yolker. It took a few months before everything got straightened out, but we haven't gotten another double yolker for over 2 years now. It's very common in pullets.
You may get lucky (well not lucky for the hen haha!) and have one that lays double yolkers regularly. I have a BO that has laid one a week for going on 2 years now, she is healthy and happy she just lays those big double yolkers a lot. (HUGE ones, see my avatar pick over there? That egg is next to one of her regular eggs.)
We are just starting out and our chickens are still a little too young to lay so, I buy my eggs from a produce stand down the street. (He buys his eggs from a local farmer just down the road.) Well this week I purchased a flat of eggs and used 10 of them for boiling. When I cut them open all 10 were double yolked. I was extremely puzzled about what causes this and found the both suggestions very interesting....these eggs were all larger than the "norm". I am glad you posted this question.
One of my girls has had a double yolker each week and another has had one about every 10 days. So, it can happen that they lay them often. I always feel bad for my girls though. Today was anther 3.3 oz egg.

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