Double Yolker Machine!


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Apr 10, 2008
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One of our 23 week old pullets is a double yolker machine. We are getting a jumbo egg almost every day. We have 2 BR and 2 RIR girls and one of them is laying prodigiously large eggs. Check out the jumbos we've gotten the past two days in comparison to their coopmates, especially the one we collected today (9/19)!


Those do look really good... If that is pen that you are using to write on the eggs it is a good idea not to use pen, it seeps thru the egg shell and "poisons" (not sure if that is the right word) you can use pencil it does not hurt the eggs or should I say the inside. Just some words of advice for you.

I have been getting a few double yokers myself... my BR when they started laying last year were doing a great job with those doubles... I love em!!!
I thought the same thing at first and then I examined the inside of the eggs when cracked open and there is absolutely no penetration inside the egg from the marker. Although I will heed your advice and just switch to a carpenter's pencil.
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