drafts vs ventilation


11 Years
Jan 28, 2009
Cecil Co. MD - 5Yrs. Chickens 4Yrs. Ducks
Air, like some people, takes the path of least resistance.
Broken windows, open hay chutes, manure gutter
openings, open doors, and all those cracks in the wall
provide equal-opportunity inlets for the air. These
“unplanned” inlets generally produce “dead air spots”,
drafts, uneven temperature and humidity levels
throughout the barn, and undesirable air quality. All
these poor air flow characteristics can be improved
through the installation of “planned” inlets. At the
same time, those old “unplanned” inlets need to be
blocked (broken windows fixed, cracks sealed) or
managed better (doors closed). Designed and
installed properly, inlets provide
fresh air evenly throughout the room
without causing drafts.


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