~Dragons of the Bermuda Triangle~ (always accepting)

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    what you call the Bermuda Triangle is the dragon terretories they are many diffrent types of dragons here are a few.

    basic Dragon types:
    basic: no special power sometimes power comes later but that is very rare
    Fire: Body is made of fire, each one is diffrent since each dragon is diffrent.
    frost: Frost dragons are very... cold but not in like a mean way in fact a lot of frost dragons are pretty nice.
    earth: Earth dragons prefer the ground over the sky and some of them don't even have wings!
    water: Water dragons cant go to close to fire dragon or the fire dragons flame will go out and the water dragons might evaporate.
    electric: Electric dragon are sometimes surrounded by lightning and can cause thunder storms.
    weather: Weather dragons can change any weather and live in the clouds.
    dark: Dark dragons are usually evil its not there fault its their nature if they are not evil they have to fight the urge to do bad things
    light: light dragons are the only dragons that stand a change against dark dragons in a one on one battle
    (if you have another dragon idea i would love to hear it)

    the tribe depends on there element unless they get accepted into a new tribe

    no cussing
    keep in pg 13
    dont controll other people carecters without permission
    have fun

    dragon king/queen (the name says it all only one king/queen)
    leader (one sometimes two if they r mates per element)
    healer (healer helps the dragons who are injured hence the name if a healer dies the dragon tribe goes into caos one per element)
    general (the leader of the warriors)
    warrior ( if there is a war then the warriors got your back there trained by the general)
    member ( just your average everyday dragon... maybe not so everyday they can go into a higher rank)
    youngling (the young dragon counted youngling from 2 until 12 years unless proven worthy to become a member)
    hatchlings (just hatched counted hatchling untill there 2nd birth day)
    outcast (was shunned from their tribe)
    rebel (thinks the tribe they belong to is wrong in some way)
    evil (pretty much try to destroy everyone)
    unkown rank

    to join:
    reason they are in that rank:
    element:(if its not one of the basic elements describe it)
    tribe:(if there not in there designated tribe)
    history: (detail please)
    pic/description (if you cant find a pic its fine just tell me what they look like)
    anything else i should know:

    thanks and have fun =D
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    gender: male
    mate/crush: none
    rank:dragon king also fire leader but keeps that a secret too
    reason why that rank: i donno
    element: fire and light
    tribe: fire
    personality: friendly,protective mysterious
    history: pretends to be just a normal member
    description: made of fire and has blue flames in the middle which goes to the tips when hes tense
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    not exactly what he looks like but the best i can find so you can get the jist
  4. Name: Willow
    Crush/mate:none yet
    Rank: Dragon Queen
    Reason they are in that rank: she fought her way up the ranks quickly
    Element: a super rare mix breed , is Frost/dark, but no one has figured out she's part dark Dragon
    Tribe:Frost Dragon tribe
    Personally: strong,brave,smart,loyal,and a national leader
    History: was born a loner but was accepted into Frost Dragon tribe and tries her best to hide her dark Dragon side
    Anything else I should know:she's a darker blue then normal frost dragons and she is beautiful and has strange but beautiful dark green eyes
    Username: Frostbite 88
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    Nov 22, 2014
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    name: Draco
    gender: male
    rank: evil
    reason why at that rank: he was abandon (he use to be frost but he turned dark when abandon)
    element: dark
    tribe: outcast
    personality: depressed lonley
    history: he was abandon when he was young and became dark and evil
    anything else: he is blue because he use to be a frost dragon and he can use frost power

    user: tillierocks123
  7. Kayla what about age????
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    Oh ya what ur dragon age
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    Flare is 300 (full adult) Draco is 15 still pretty young
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