Drained a Hen's Abdomen.. Rest in Peace, Olivia 11-5-10

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    I'm sorry to hear about Tux. We've had a few that we lost (not just chickens, and none to the problem yours has had) and the other chickens just know, when they approach one and look them in the eye and then start attacking, or as in two of mine, lay down next to the one they absolutely hated and then start to preen them, then I start preparing myself because I know what's coming.

    Quote:Sadly, ducks have the same problems. One of my Pekins died because of this, and my friend has a Pekin that had surgery recently and she's had fluid drained from her abdomen a couple of times as well.
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    [​IMG] so sorry... thank for posting
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    wow what a trooper!! Olivia is a beautiful girl and you are a wonderful keeper for attempting to keep her well, I know many that w9ould not have gone as far as you.
  4. speckledhen

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    We just lost Olivia. She had been without that nasty fluid in her abdomen for weeks. She began doing this choking/sneezing sound yesterday like she used to early on in this battle. We always thought there was fluid in her lungs. Yesterday, I thought she just snorted a piece of scratch since I had just thrown some out for them prior to hearing that.

    Today, I picked her up and noticed she had feed or something crammed in her nostril and was holding her for DH to dig it out and she began gasping for air, then got worse and died. We believe her lungs had filled with fluid again and her abdomen felt like it was building up in there again.

    For weeks, she was perky, energetic, light on her feet, big appetite, got all her feathers back in after her molt, and was generally her happy, go-lucky self. We will miss her terribly. With the passing of her sister Tux a few weeks ago from what appeared to be a stroke and their sister, Kate, a year ago from crop stasis, we no longer have any of our Poufy Head Sisters. [​IMG]
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    I am so sorry for your loss.
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    I am so sorry to hear about Olivia!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    So sorry Cyn! I still have one left from that BR/Big Red whoopsie, Sexy - she got dad's feathered legs. Last lil hen standing. They sure were loved while you had them.[​IMG]
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  9. speckledhen

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    Kate, you are why I had those sweet girls. Surprised the heck out of all of us when they weren't pure BRs, LOL! I wouldn't have taken a thousand bucks for any one of those three cutie pies.

    Thanks all. We knew she was going to die-hadn't laid an egg in a year or so and Lord only knows what was in her abdomen. We didn't open her up because there would be no surprises in there. Been through this too many times to be shocked about any of it. Gosh, I'd have to have a Silkie/Cochin cross rooster to mate with my BR hens to get more little poufy headed hens like those girls. They were so wonderful and had the most soulful brown eyes. Will miss them so darn much, especially Olivia.
  10. Cetawin

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    [​IMG] I am so very sorry...I know you will miss her terribly, she was certainly one of a kind that girl. But she will never suffer again and she is with Katie and Tux again too. [​IMG]

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