Drake (anything but Muscovy) wanted in Southwest VA/Northeast TN.

If you werent so far away I would give you a drake. I have amallard and a mallard x buff drake im trying to get rid of. Unless of course you wouldnt mind paying for shipping..
Ive never had full size birds shipped. Any guestimate on the fee for such a service
. Do they travel well?

My hens are Black Swede x Pekin, Pekin, Blue Swede x Pekin

Is a mallard a good match for that size bird?

New to this whole duck thing.

We had a flock of 12 until the neighbors dog got loose....&*(^&$!!!!...still smokin mad over that one!
Well both my boys are in with a black swed and some other girls, so yes, they do fine

Umm.. Im not totally sure as Im still researching shipping, but its prolly not a pretty number

They are both very "active' though, and all the eggs I get from them are fertile. I have a 100% hatch rate with these two.
I will be going thru Knoxville to VA on the 27th. I have Ancona ducks and would be glad to drag a drake along with if you want one. Make me an offer.
Fabulous...I am terrible at offers tho'

Is 10$ good? I would even take two if you have spares

Can you pm me and give me your route and we can figure out where we can meet?

I have ALWAYS wanted an Ancona!
I am going from Nashville to Meadowview VA

I 65 to 840 to 40 to 81

I will be coming up on the 27th and will be leaving early.

I have 10 drakes- I will be delighted to bring 2. $10 is fine.

Emmalynn, you are picking up your puppy from my favorite chicken breeder!

Pampered, can I just meet her at your place and get my ducks?

This just cracks me up!
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If that works for her, that is fine with me. I have no problem putting a duck in a box. How many do you want?

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