Drake being very aggressive toward my female Welsh Harlequin!


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6 Years
Mar 9, 2013
I have had my ducks for just over 1 year now and I have 4 rouen ducks (3 female & 1 male) and they have all been good together since day #1.
I had purchased 4 baby ducklings a few months later and 3 were call ducks and 1 was a welsh harlequin. They all grew up together in a pen of their own. Well, unfortunately all 3 calls turned out to be DRAKES! so, this spring came and they were being way to rough and I gave the 3 call drakes to my sister who has a big pond.
Now the welsh harlequin has lost her 3 best friends and she is very sad and lonely:( I feel awful! I was trying to help her from being raped! and now I feel like she's going to die.
I have her in the pen now with the 4 rouen ducks and she is not really wanted by the drake. He does not want her to eat, or come any where near his 3 ladies. I thought with her being a female he wouldn't bother her but he acts like he is going to kill her.
I really want her to be happy and I do not want to add any more ducks to the flock. Any suggestions??? I am hoping and praying that she will be excepted. She's a beautiful yet lonely girl. I hope I didn't destroy her life by taking her boys away..but, like stated earlier..they were way to rough.
Do you think that the rouen drake will ever let her be 1 of his ladies? -April

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