Drake egg! Lol


Apr 23, 2019
Michigan Thumb
Sooo...my ducks all appear to be clearly sexed. I've separated my Pekins from the others as it seemed I had the luck of all 4 Pekins being drakes:rolleyes:
And they have terrorized my female runner til finally she was mildly hurt. She is happy to consent to mating with the 2 much less aggressive drakes in the rest of the flock. My issue is this...

One of my four Pekins, all with tail curl and male voices, appear to have popped out an egg! :eek:

They have a separate pen now so the others (with proven females) cannot access them and vice versa. And yesterday...no egg in there. This morning...no egg. An hour later...EGG! So here is a semi decent pic of these brats lol. Am I crazy? Do those tails not all suggest male? They are all 5 months, all have male voices (trust me...adding video for me here in my terrible service area is a very long process, sorry). 2 have far curlier curls but coupled with their drake noises, I assumed the others just had a lil less pronounced curl. I am at a loss!


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Where exactly did you find the egg? One of my Indian Runners »lost« and egg while running uphill and it rolled about 20ft downhill before it got stuck in the grass…
They have a small enclosed area in the coop for night time. I put them in last night with no egg. Got them out this morning with no egg. The other flock was out free ranging. No egg anywhere. Came back in to the enclosure that only the Pekins can access an hour later. EGG. Al flat surface. Crazy!

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