Drastic Dropoff in Egg Production

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    Mar 1, 2012

    We are relatively new to chickens. We've had our hens for a little over a year (they were born in April of 2011), and they have been good layers since late August/early September 2011 (so for almost 9 months). They are Barred Rocks and Rhode Island Reds. This past week, our egg production has dropped off to 3-6 eggs per day. No one seems to be moulting at this point (no major feathers around).

    One change is that we have new pullets. We got them in late March and raised them in a small house adjacent to the coop (with low windows--the hens would look in!). Last week, we built a pen for the baby pullets and let them start going out. We thought this might let the chickens get used to them through the fence so it would be easier to combine them as a flock. There is a shared fence between the big hens' pen and the pullets' pen.

    Do you think the presence of the pullets could have stressed the hens and caused them to stop laying, or do you think it could be something else? We've checked--no eggs outside. No evidence of nakes around.

    It seems like it's a bit too early for them to be going into a moult. They seem healthy and active. We're baffled.


    Thanks so much--

    in IL
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    Yes. Chickens hate change. Any disruption to their normal life can cause them to stop laying. They will adjust pretty quickly.
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    Agree. everytime I introduce someone this happens. They get used to things and then then have to readjust.
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    they will readjust. but also keep in mind that most chicken dont lay in winter, they slow down in about late augut to mid september.

    any questions just send a pm![​IMG]

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