Drawing request thread :D


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Aug 24, 2012
My own imagination. Beat that!
I've wanted to start a thread like this forever :)
Have you ever wanted to join an RP, and had the perfect character in mind, but you couldn't find a good picture on the internet?
that's what this thread is for!
of course, if you want to do something else with it, like print it and hang it from your bedroom door or something, that's fine too.

I'm not expecting money or anything for the art ((yet)). Pictures cost an ovation. :D
And, if you post my pictures anywhere else on BYC, please add, 'drawn by CayugaLover.'

what I'm good at:
Humans (i'm better at gals than guys.)
Anime Wolves
My Little Pony (g4 only)

other things i CAN draw... if required.
Owls (they take forever)
the assorted odd request, like Gryphons or swans or something.

examples of my art:


I honestly don't know why i drew this.

This is what you get when you cross a goose and a human. ;)

Anime wolf :)

vampire-werewolf~~~this is a pretty bad resolution, sorry.

My OCs (if you can't read the names, the fiery one is Phoenix, the long-haired one is Colorsplash (though she goes by Rapunzel,) and the last is Aquamarine.)

I haven't drawn any dragons recently, so no examples of them. :(

don't ask for anything... questionable. the answer is NO.
BYC rules and everything.
If you post a pic of mine somewhere else on BYC, you have to add under it, 'drawn by CayugaLover'
and if you don't like my art, you can go critisize someone else. Critique me when you can do it better.
Oh, and please: don't throw a fit if it takes me a while to finish your pic. I am a very busy person... but i'll draw as fast as I can ;)

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