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    May 19, 2009
    This saddle is fairly new. I bought it last spring, used it twice, then sold my horse. It is unmarked, but it looks very much like one being sold in a SLT catalog for arund $250. I bought it for $200, but I've been unable to sell it at that price. So.... how about $150, including all of the new fittings I bought for it? It comes with a 22" Ovation girth with elastic on both sides, a shaped pad, Fillis stirrups and black leathers. I've used the stirrups and leathers more than twice, because I used them on my CC saddle as well. Here's some specs:
    - 17" seat
    - round cantle
    - 15" flaps
    - 6.5" between the dee rings in front
    - 2.75" space in gullet in the middle of the saddle, does that make sense?

    I don't know what else you would need to know about it, but ask, and I'll go up and measure it. I also have a Crosby Prix de Saute CC saddle, which you'll see in my photobucket link, and I'll let that go for $200 + shipping, but I wouldn't mind keeping it in order to "keep the dream alive" that I might own another horse someday. I understand that this model is hard to come by, and I've been blessed with two in my life. Here are all the photos I've taken of them, so ask if you need to see another view. Thanks!
    edit: I just looked at the photobucket link, and I found a lot of duplicate pictures. Sorry you have to look through all of them!
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    That looks like a REGENT saddle, I used to have them about 15 to 20 years ago when they first came out on Libertyville Saddle Shop. Wonderful saddles for the trail rides. I dunno how they make them nowadays but REGENT is or was manufactured from India.

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