Drinking way too much! HELP!

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    Mar 15, 2016
    It seems to be one thing after another at the moment :( our chick Willow has had a few things wrong.
    Just a bit of an overview, she had her neck trapped in a door (miraculously recovered)
    Her eye started watering (colloidal silver in her water has almost fixed it)
    She had WORMS :( we've wormed her and things seem to be improving but now this.

    When I get her out in the morning, she struts straight over to her drink bowl. When I grabbed her, her crop was quite hard with the bits she'd eaten the night before (as with most mornings) so I expected that. Only thing is, she drank until her crop was so full of water it was swinging. I wouldn't have minded that, but now she's not pooping, she is literally shooting water out of her bum. It doesn't just drop on the ground it shoots out behind her and there's nothing in it but water. So far she's done 5 of these and 1 perfectly normal poop. Is there something wrong? If so I want to catch it before it gets worse but I might just be an overprotective chick mom.
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