drooling chick, now dead


10 Years
Jan 27, 2009
middle Tennessee

I still can't find any info about chicks drooling. A little 1 week old buff orp had drool coming out of its mouth and I tried giving it extra water and some yogurt/crumbles mixture to make sure it was getting enough to eat and drink but today it died. Does anyone know about this? My major concern is that it's some illness and will spread, but hopefully not. It's very sad to lose that one but hopefully it's just delayed effects from the fatigue of travel or something. I got them locally but it was a bit of a drive (hour and a half) and my husband will not tolerate the heat in the car very long, even with new baby chicks.
Maybe it just got chilled? But what about that drool- I've never seen that in a chick before. The others are as energetic as ever, thank goodness.

Thank you,
Sounds like something was going on with the chick's crop or??....maybe shavings or something building up. I am very sorry for your loss.
Thank you- in such a tiny chick what could I do about a crop obstruction? I've never dealt with that in my big chickens either, they haven't had any problems. (thank goodness!)
The only time I saw drool was in my duckling. He started drooling like crazy and no matter how much water I gave him he just kept drooling. Something made me give him bottled water and he stopped drooling. About an hour later I got a drink of water from the faucet and noticed it had a salty taste. Apparently the water softener was in a cleaning phase when I turned the faucet on (or something like that) and the extra salt got into the water. I ran all the sinks for a few minutes and the salt taste went away. Any chance your chick got into salt somehow?

That's interesting about the salt! I have been giving them the vitamin/electrolyte suppliment in their water- I'm not home to check the bag but it's very possible there's some extra sodium in it. I was doing it because I had a couple that seemed weak- that would be a little ironic if the stuff I was giving them to boost their systems was actually compromising their systems! I was thinking of stopping it anyway since it's been 2 full days now on it. Tonight when I change their water I'll just do plain, and give them the filtered water for good measure. Thanks so much for that!!


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