Drooping wings & lethargic


May 6, 2020
Hey all,
I'm hoping for some input. My little Maisie girl (a week old ameraucana girl I hatched) started last night looking very lethargic, sleeping, nor easily stirred, and drooping wings. I gave her some sugar water and she "woke up" a bit, I didn't have luck giving her any egg yolk. This morning she's a bit more alert, walking around, had some water and looked around the floor of the brooder where their food is but didnt really eat from the feeder. I picked her up and she would eat from my hand or on the towel i had her on, a little not much though. Any suggestions ? We have medicated feed and they have Hydro-Hen every other 12 hour period as their main water source. No pasty butt and no other chicks seem affected. They aren't picking on her at all, they actually come cuddle her when they nap and seem to try to stir her. Attached is a picture of her drooping wings.


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Poultry NutriDrench or Poultry Cell is a very good drench to help weak chicks. Make sure that her vent is clean and open. Mix some chick feed with water into a mash and offer that to her as well. Look at her legs to see if there is any leg issue.

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