Droopy quails


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Aug 30, 2015
Queensland, Australia
Today two out of my 9 quail have become very droopy, like no energy. One does seem to also have a sore leg, it has been eating, drinking, pooping and even played an egg. The others beak seams to be a little off, the top half looks to be about 1 millimetre shorter. She is currently in a triangle wire hutch with 4 others for a number of weeks with no signs of trouble. Has anyone experienced something like this? Any suggestions?
I'd give the sore leg a thorough check, see if you can find a reason for the soreness. And I'd separate them from the other quail and make sure they are warm and comfortable. If the one with the possible beak damage seems to have trouble eating normal feed, I'd give it something moist and soft. For both of them, if you have electrolytes, I'd put some in their water.. I'm assuming they are on a diet that has vitamins and protein in suitable amounts. Antibiotics might be recommendable, depending on what you find when checking the sore leg.
Thanks @dk newbie I've had the one with the soar leg separated since then, she's not laying down all the time and sleeping anymore but still isn't using her leg much. I check it each day and she does move it a bit, its warm like her good one and I haven't felt anything wrong in her bones. The one with the damaged beak is back with its group and is doing fine. They were both feed on a biscuit and egg soft formula for a few days. I think the sore leg one might have just strained it running around, does that sound likely?
I don't have coturnix, so I don't know how likely they are to strain their legs by running around. But it's not something I've heard about before. If she is improving, that might be the cause though. If she stops improving or gets worse, I'd be worried. If the leg is warmer than the good leg in some places, that could indicate an infection, but as long as they have the same temp it shouldn't be the case.
Good to know the other one is doing fine :)
The day it happened they seemed to have scratched away the litter and created bare patches on the cardboard floor. I thought she might have slipped on one when the male was looking for a bit of fun ;) I've made sire I put in more litter since then and the bare patches don't seem to be happening. I'm making them a proper house but its just taking a long time. Turns out I'm not as smart or skilled as I thought I was :\

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