Droopy tail but acting normal


Jul 9, 2021
I have 6 chickens that have always been in perfect health. I raised 5 of the chickens myself and 1 I got after she was a year old.

Out of the 5 babies (they’re actually about 5 months old now) one has grown the fastest. She is a BEAST. She’s always been 3x as big as the others. She has always consumed more food, water, etc. This is the chicken I’m having issues with.

I live in Texas and the weather has been brutal. I’ve been keeping a fan on the chickens, letting them freely roam around in our fenced in yard, kept plenty of fresh water, plenty of food, vitamins/electrolytes/probiotics, and so on. I check on them (or someone else does) every 30 minutes to make sure they’re cool. The issue I’m having with my giant chicken is that she has a droopy tail. Her wings and vent are perfectly fine. Her vent is a perfect red color and not swollen. She eats just fine and isn’t acting lethargic. She does like to lay around in the holes she created pretty much all day…but so do the others. Can someone tell me what’s possibly going on with her? She’s the only chicken that has a droopy tail.

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