Droopy wing? Normal or no?


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6 Years
Mar 24, 2013
Hi y'all, I've got another question regarding my lil pekins. They are all 7 weeks old this week and seem to be doing quite well. The 2 normal ones (Dewey and Louise) are almost feathered and almost fully white already. My concern is that Dewey's wings don't look like Louise's. I've been searching all over the forum and I THINK its droopy wing due to the feathers coming in, but I needed some expert opinions. Louise wings sit up fine, she tucks them in to the point I don't even see her new wingtip feathers growing in, but Dewey's are hanging down somewhat and he is not tucking them. My question is: based on these pictures, is he normal? Is this normal duck growth? He isn't having to constantly tuck them, they appear to sit fine, they just aren't tucked like the others. This is how he stands all the time, with them showing like this. I think when he's swimming he may tuck them up higher.

Is this an issue? And if so, what do you recommend I do?

Also, if one of these "blood feathers" gets broken, is that a major problem? Huey, the lil special one has broken one of his, and I can see a black spot where it broke off that I assume was the blood. :-(


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