DROPPED EGG! (Graphic photos)

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Aug 4, 2019
Hello, I have an emergency I think and need help

I tripped and kicked my incubator and sent all 10 maran eggs (20 days old) I had tumbling. 2 of them broke, 1 just a hairline crack that I’ve sealed with some wax as I’ve read here to do, but 1 cracked so bad the developed chick fell out onto the floor! I’m so upset. He looks like a fully developed chick however he still has his yolk sack, which has not broken, but he seems to have fallen on his head/neck. There is no breathing or any movement and I feel no heartbeat. There was only a little bit of blood.

Was he dead in the egg or did I just kill one of my chicks? :(

I put him on a little dish and put him back inside the incubator, but if he’s passed away I think he’ll start to smell. Is there any signs of life I should be checking for? I’m so upset.


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help with advice please brain hasn't caught up to me without coffee yet

only thing I can think of right now from the post is that you might ant to rethink placement of the incubator next time you use it
hi i am no expert but i think you have done the right thing and placed her back into the incubator just in case there is still life. sending my prayers your way and whatever the outcome, i can see that you are a caring chick momma/papa. :fl:hugs
Update: He’s started to rot so I think he was either dead in the egg or died on impact... I feel awful though finding out this way, I’d rather just have him not hatch on hatching day. :(

I felt like throwing up when I saw him fall out of the shell. I’ve moved the incubator to a corner so this can’t happen again. I hope the other eggs are fine inside from the tumble.
Usually late in incubation, you will see movement inside the egg. If the little one is still alive I would think you would be able to tell by observing it. Also that membrane will need to stay moist.

I'm sorry this happened, but it was an accident. Don't beat yourself up over it. He may have even passed before this.

You can try candling the other eggs to see if there is movement, but it may be best to just let them settle for awhile after the commotion. I hope the rest of your hatch goes well. Please share pictures as they start to make an appearance.
Was he dead in the egg or did I just kill one of my chicks? :(

I don't know. I understand how you feel, I killed a chick once by picking a broody hen up with a chick hiding under her wing. I crushed it. You are not the only one that has had a accident. That probably won't make you feel any better, it wouldn't me, but you are not alone.

You did the right thing after the accident. At day 20 I'd carry on as if nothing had happened. I don't see that you can do anything else.
Hey guys, I figured I’d post an update on the rest of the hatch.

None of the chicks made it. They were all well formed, barely any if no yolk sack, ready to hatch... Just didn’t make it. Didn’t even pip internally or externally. What a disaster. :(
Forgot to add the photos. Sorry for the double post

So sad. I believe the fall must have hurt them all in some way.


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I'm so sorry things didn't go well this hatch.

Can I ask what your humidity has been throughout and did you salt test a humidity gauge?

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