Dropping boards...Better with shavings and a lip or just some tile


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Apr 25, 2009
I am going to have DH build me a droppings board but I don't know if we should do a lip around it so we can put shavings or is it better to just be able to scrap it out daily? Do you find one easier then the other? Thanks
I have a tray for my dropping boards...i fill it with shavings and just dump it every few days..
If you are going to clean it off every morning (my preference), no lip. If you are going to let stuff accumulate for a few days, then a light dusting of shavings is good, and a lip *if* they get swept off by the birds' wings or feet (depends on your setup). If you use a lip, you might want the front long edge of it to be hinged so it will fold out of the way for easy cleaning.

Good luck, have fun,

what's PDZ?

Sweet PDZ is used in stalls etc to dry droppings and keep smells/flies down. Looks like coarde sand and is clay with diatomaceous earth...can use StallDri too. I love it, does not smell and it is so easy to scoop droppings out of. Droppings go straight in the compost and refill the tray as needed. I also sprinkle a layer on the floor of the coop before adding shvings, then sprinkle as needed. I tried shavings first but hard to scoop, gets messy and creatures more moisture....I can buy both PDZ and StallDri in 40 lbs bags at the farmers co-op and the local petfood warehouse
My droppings board it flat, and covered with linoleum. I plow threw it every morning. It literally takes less than a minute. It keeps they flys down, and no smell in my coop. I use DE on the bedding and sprinkle some on the roosts and droppings board as well.
This method works perfectly for me. I have 30 chickens.
I spray a bleach solution on the linoleum once a week and wash off with the garden hose. I remove the linoleum from the coop.
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