dropping soft shelled eggs from roost & crop seems a bit squishy

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    I have a Leghorn hen, she is about 14 months old, good health as far as I can tell although the egg production from the Leghorns has dropped off a bit.
    I figured out that one of them, the one named Houdini, is laying soft shelled eggs from the roost between dusk and 10pm so that is why egg production has dropped off. I figured it wasn't a huge cause for alarm, except that it seems to be happening pretty regularly...

    Tonight I found a paper-thin shelled egg under her on the roost (might should switch to Layer feed, maybe she's not taking in enough oyster shells??? Buying feed on Thursday...) so I checked her over and it seems like her crop is a little on the squishy side.

    Otherwise I haven't noticed any strange behavior and she is maintaing a healthy posture (not puffed up, no penguin stance), but I'm wondering if the squishy crop and egg problem could be connected?????
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    Im not so sure on this, especially wiht the "squishy crop" but randomly on seperate days had two hens give a 'papery' shelled egg :\\ I actually had to pull it out of them, well tried on the first but put her in a carrier to stop pecking at it, and pulled the one out of my australorp out. It just happened that one time and that was it. Maybe they just need more calcium? Im not sure if this is the same thing, their eggs had no yolk or anything just shell.

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