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  1. gribbin

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    Nov 7, 2009
    my chicken is molting really baly now and when she walks she looks like she is drunk - walking sideways etc. She is eating well and seems lively just eally drunk - any ideas?[​IMG]
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    Hot coffee?



    You have a sick chicken. Isolate, give liquids... (NON ALCHOLIC!), Vitamins (soluble), be certain she is eating well (I know you said that but ... just be certain)
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    Heck yeah.....take pictures/videos and use them as a marketing tool for your own "Drunk Chicken" recipe. Big thing, they're even selling the can holders at Wal-Mart.

    For the malady, I'd type "molt" or "molting" in the search engine (upper right on forums page) and see what comes up. Something tells me there are other things that happen when they molt besides just losing feathers because I've seen the term "Bad Molt" used.

    Hope all is well.

    Edited for what I didn't see.....Mahonri' advice....I have that in the "yup, knows chickens" column. Just saw the "Joke" part thought the rest was sig line.

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    OK, all kidding aside, she might be deficient in protein or a vitamin due to the molt. If you have any chicken vitamins/electrolytes, that wouldn't hurt, plus some extra protein - yogurt is good, or scrambled or boiled egg (fully cooked - don't want them to get a taste for raw egg!!!).

    Also, check her crop - if it is impacted and going sour, a fungal infection can contribute to this, as the yeast does actually cause a fermentation to occur! [​IMG]

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