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    Apr 20, 2016
    I have 26 silkie eggs in the incubator. Today is day 7. They came to me with 23/26 having detached air cells. I was told by several people to place them in an egg carton, pointy side dow and with a hole cut out of the carton and not to turn them for 4 days. Also to run the humidity low 30-35%. I did that and began turning on day 4. Raised the humidity 50-60%. Now I'm see a lot of discussion about dry hatching and how many have had a higher success rate with it especially with detached air cell eggs. So I can I now drop the humidity on day 7 and keep it low or not add any water at all until day 18? This is my first incubator hatch and I don't want to hurt the wee ones!! TIA
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    I prefer dry incubating as well but some people report bad results with it with bantams (that has not been my experience, though).
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