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    Quote:If both roos were good for meat, I wouldn't mind combining them, but George is pretty small as far as roos go. I have a black leghorn hen and he is no bigger than she is (if you've ever seen a leghorn in person).

    The delaware and his hens I have had less than a month. I've been talking about starting a dual purpose flock for awhile, been researching, but just now am getting some birds to work on it.

    I have 4 coops, actually [​IMG] (hubby is my builder - I am spoiled).

    In one coop I have bantam cochins, because A) they are cute and B) they are in sort of higher demand around here, and I figured I could breed them and sell chicks.

    In another coop I have a mix of bantams (mostly oegb) that I could get rid of, if I needed the room. I may need the room, soon, because I also hatched out (recently) some large cochins, and will need a coop for them. The banty coop is the largest coop (8x12), and I want to put the dual purpose flock into it. It has a nice run on it (8x16), too - so if I did alternate free ranging, then on days they had to stay in, they could at least go outside into the run more.

    I have the dual purpose (all 4 of them, at the moment) in an 8x8 coop. But, I have at least two chicks who will be joining them, and I just had two buff orps hatch out today (with a few more eggs to go) that are part of the dual purpose group, and I want the white rocks and delaware hens, too. The dual purpose flock will be the largest of the flocks, once I get it going well.

    Also, if I had the duals in the big coop, I could keep the chicks penned in the run, if needed. It is the most well built of the coops, as it was a pre-built building, and has a bit thicker boards for walls. Would be better for brooding babies in there.

    I'm probably going to the local auction tomorrow night, because I am looking for some weanling calves and feeder pigs. I am taking some of the birds along to sell, too.

    I'd like to be set up by spring, so I can A) get these dang birds out of my house [​IMG] and B) begin hatching for raising to eat meat birds. Plus, my neighbors have been calling me for eggs, and I only have 5 hens (out of 10 in the laying flock) who are laying right now. The three hens in the dual flock are still recovering from moving, so haven't laid at all yet. The other 5 are over a year old, and have decided to take the winter off, I guess.

    Ok, gonna hit post and read back over this to see if I missed anything [​IMG] Hubby had the computer most of the day, so I need to catch up on my chatty fingers.

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    We very much have a dual-purpose flock, with each breed selected for that very reason. We've had perfectly respectable results when cooking our Buff Orp or White Rock roos, and the Marans look VERY promising as dinner! [​IMG]

    Right now, we have a Buff Orp and a Marans roo governing a flock of mostly BO pullets, with a few EEs thrown in. When the CB Marans pullets start laying, we'll separate them into a CB-only flock or trios.
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    I've got a very well rounded Wyandotte banty who's near to laying her first egg and when she's matured enough for Cockadoodle to mate her, I'll incubate as many of her eggs as possible along with the three Buff Rock (one may be a BO) bantam hens so I'll have my meaty layer banties.

    I'm going to put the 2 Blue Andalusian banty hens and 1 black rosecomb hen w/the new Silver Sebright cockerel young'un and possibly the 2 white/porcelain bantam hens for a separate flock.

    Here's the young lil Biker Boy and his mature hens:
    This flock will be the white egg layers and I'd like to beef up the body so they'd be more like a cornish game hen. The hens are Andalusian & Rosecomb.

    This Wyandotte banty hen will be providing most of my hatching eggs for the future main banty flock:
    And the Buff hen, I've got three of these, they'll also be contributing to the future of the main flock since they are bigger bodied and lay very large eggs for bantams (Buff on left, wyandotte on right):
    Roo for these hens:

    I'll also have a bantam RIR flock (L&S's trio).
    For the LF I'll have the EE's & BO's with a few BLRW, GLW, RIR's- cannot give those up just yet! Maybe never...
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    Quote:How do these guys taste?
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    Quote:Drumroll please......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

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    i used to have dominiques and oegb and they layed great even in the winter but as a meat bird they just dont cut it. ameraucanas and barred rocks are duel purpose and cubalayas are not ornamental fowl. they lay good and taste great. just takes them longer to mature.
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    How many eggs can you get from your cubalaya hens per week?
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    matt y. :

    How many eggs can you get from your cubalaya hens per week?

    I've been getting about 5 per week (from one hen) during this current crazy weather.​
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    Sep 3, 2008
    green co. KY
    ooo nice.
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    Quote:I've been getting about 5 per week (from one hen) during this current crazy weather.

    whats that in your av?

    sorry ta interrupt [​IMG]

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