Dubia Feed

I have never fed my chickens Dubias, only because I am currently just beginning to breed them up for my gecko, but if I ever end up with a lot I wouldn't mind feeding them to my flock. Anyway Dubias are in my opinion one of the best feeders, because not only are they gut loaded, they are easy to care for, they do not bite like the worms or crickets, and their shell is highly nutritious. That's if you are feeding the flock the actual Dubia roaches, but I just double checked and you said "feed" so now I think you may mean not actual Dubias but the food for the Dubias. I am no expert by any means, but I doubt anything they feed the Dubias would harm the flock, seeing is that Dubias are gut loaded for other reptiles and so forth. So if you want to feed those to your birds I don't see any issues with that. For instance my birds even eat table scraps, they'll eat anything and everything even small pebbles, they have a crop that is built for digesting all kinds of junk lol. I feed my Dubia Roaches Dubia feed, along with veggies, fruits, and other things and I would definitely trust my birds ingesting those things.

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