D'uccle/Booten Banty question


6 Years
Aug 26, 2013
Excuse typo in title! I don't have a way to fix it! :blush:

Hi! I will try to get a good pic on here if needed. Most of my pics are of my kids carrying her around asleep, or snuggling. She is SO sweet and loves to be with them!
Are D'uccles obviously bearded as chicks? Our EEs very obviously has muffs as tiny babies so I'm starting to think my D'uccle is a Booted instead. She is porcelain so I was thinking maybe it is just harder to tell being so small but looking at her every day is making me think about it a bit more! I feel stupid now, I have been on here SO much and even helping others when I'm sure or reasonably sure.
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Please post a pic - much easier that way

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