D'uccle - I think it's a hen, what do you think??


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Apr 16, 2009
Richmond, VA
Good Afternoon Everyone!!

After sleeping all day because of a migraine
I am feeling much better
though still a little blah...

So I have a question for you, I know you are not supposed to have favorites, but my favorite from our first batch of chickens we believe to be a Mille Fleur D'uccle.

I believe Marilyn is a pullet, and I was wondering what your thoughts were. We have had her for 9 weeks, and we believe she was about 1-2 weeks old when we got her. So lets say 10-12 weeks old.

Here's a picture.... can anyone confirm that she is in fact a she?


Please let me know...

If anyone has any pictures of a pullet or a roo that would be nice to see, what way I know for sure what's going on here.

Thank you
Awwww she looks just like my favorite Mille! I'm pretty sure you have a nice young lady there. My roo's comb appeared pretty early and the rest look like yours!

ETA: Glad you're feeling better!
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I can't be absolutely sure but I am 95% certain it is a mille fleur hen. However I am not sure it is a d'Uccle because mille fleur occurs in other breeds.
Thank you, she's very picture friendly unlike some of the other ones who move as soon as they see the camera.

YAY, a girl... that's good because her name is Marilyn, and if she were a boy then she'd have a complex from having a girls name ever since she got to our house. LOL

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