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How would I know if my duck is getting ready to lay eggs? My two pekins are 4 months old and recently when I come out side my duck runs to me, lays on her belly with her head flat and Butt up!! O—o what does this mean?:/
Now ill try to be serious , but its hard. First Welcome to BYC. Your duck wants a boy (drake) they are called. She will start to prepare a nest for when she is ready to start laying eggs.No one answered cause they didnt know if you were funning or not. Either way there ya go!
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Believe me... It wasn't easy asking!
But i couldn't find anything out there that confirmed my theory. Now... my drake isn't showing any interest.. is this normal as they may be a little slower with maturing?
They mature at about the same time...if its for sure the other is a boy. He should already be interested. They like water they can float on into for the deed..Kiddy pool will work fine
Don't know how I missed this one. Yeah, it looks strange at first. But they may be about four to six weeks away from laying, so it is time to set out the free choice oyster shell.
On an unrelated note. I was glad to hear you were OK Amiga. Hope yall didnt lose power this second go round.
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No, though I was expecting an outage, we didn't even have a flicker. There are some "aftershocks" from the storm Sandy, however.

It is difficult to get some kinds of service, like electricians and some utility-related services right now, because it is an all-hands-on-deck situation along the coast, and some businesses don't have their buildings anymore - they were ruined by flooding.

It is heartwarming that so many of you duck folk have been checking on me. jessiduck was really in the thick of it, they still have a place, as do their chickens and ducks, but it is much tougher where she is. And I know we have some BYC DFers on Long Island and in New Jersey. Wish I could remember them all.

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