Duck Addiction

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Purra, May 26, 2012.

  1. Purra

    Purra In the Brooder

    May 17, 2012
    I've only had my ducklings around 4-5 weeks, and holy cow I'm already addicted! I can't keep from looking up the different breeds and thinking what I'd want to get next. It's unrealistic to want more right now, I barely have room for these three. Sadly I must control the urge to get all the pretty ducks. [​IMG] The white or butterscotch call ducks are lovely, as are black cayugas and east indies.

    Does the duck addiction always strike this quickly? Course, that might just be me. I have a tendency to get caught up in any new critter I get. (I have a few lizards and snakes)

    And, just because, have a picture!
  2. quackinhuggable

    quackinhuggable In the Brooder

    May 23, 2012
    on no there is no hope for me then!! i get my first ducklings next week!!
  3. MamaDuck1

    MamaDuck1 Chirping

    Mar 24, 2012
    Im addicted. To the point of getting four ducks tattood on me a couple months ago. Lol
  4. Ilovemyduckies

    Ilovemyduckies Songster

    Feb 21, 2012
    They are very addicting. I had to convince my dad to let me get them. Started with two and some how he doesn't mind the 6 I have (also have 5 chickens). I actually had one go broody today and am really exited. She is sitting on 10 eggs.
  5. Purra

    Purra In the Brooder

    May 17, 2012
    congrats on the eggs! :)

    My dad is just barely tolerating the three I have currently, I don't really want to push it right now. Perhaps next year I could get a couple more.
  6. jessiduck

    jessiduck Songster

    Apr 21, 2012
    New York
    I'm so addicted to my ducks! They're just the best thing that has ever happened to me<3. Love,love,love them<3
    I wish I could get more, but my dad wouldn't want it either. Hopefully we'll get some ducklings from ours. We have 2 ducks and 1 drake lol. So, it's bound to happen eventually.
  7. MamaDuck1

    MamaDuck1 Chirping

    Mar 24, 2012
    Same here. My life will never EVER be without ducks now.
  8. Amiga

    Amiga Overrun with Runners

    Jan 3, 2010
    Southern New England
    Ya know, as well as being completely smitten the moment I heard the first peeps, I realized that there is a point - different for each one of us - beyond which we cannot give back as much love as we are getting. That helps me manage my desire for more ducks.

    I have nine runners and two buffs. We are approaching our limit, and I want to slow down because I have read and heard enough to know that sometimes a duck needs to be rescued, right now, today, and there will need to be room for her or him.

    The buffs are rescues, and they are a delight, as are the runners. Each one has her personality, and I just sit and watch them, and I am so proud of them, for what exactly I do not know!

    So I am just enjoying the time with them, appreciating everything about them, and having tons of fun. This is, of course, right along with the various anxious moments and extra effort to keep them relatively clean, safe, content, well fed, and treated for bumps, scrapes or other minor injuries.
  9. nickie

    nickie Songster

    Jun 25, 2011
    north central KY

    What she said! Lol except I didn't want ducks AT ALL, I didn't want the work, responsibility, or money involved in them. I, in fact, told my husband if he brought them home I'd kick his _____ all the way back to where he got them from. That all lasted until he pulled the box with them out of the car 3 years ago this past April. They were about a month old (a guy he does subcontract work for thought it would be great to buy them for his kids for Easter). I swear I glow with pride when people comment and compliment them. And the faces of my nieces and nephews when they get to pet and hand feed a real duck (city kids... Go figure lol) makes me feel like the rockinest aunt ever.

    Aw, I have the warm and fuzzies now, thanks.
  10. Missy60

    Missy60 Chirping

    Apr 20, 2012
    Southwest Virginia
    I didn't want ducks at all either. My grand daughter got a pekin from her mother, it stayed at her house until she had to move. My grand daughter was so attached to it by then, it was six months old. My mom thought it needed company so they went and got two more ducks. These are mallard, which brought a whole different set of problems. My mom thought you could just put the babies in with my duck and everyone would live happily ever after. Well as you all know it doesn't work that way. I have fallen in love with them and all the up keep doesn't feel quit so much like work any more because they are my babies. I would love to get another pekin duck, but right now I don't have room to separate my pen any more if they don't get

    There is such a difference in the breeds. Our pekin is like a grouchy ole woman, she follows us around quaking just like she is scolding us about something. It's hilarious she is always up to something. The mallards are so much quieter, they are still very skid dish and right now there main goal is to stay within a few inches of us but no closer.

    The first time our pekin went swimming in our creek I couldn't stop watching her. She was beautiful and I also felt so much pride in her. Ok I didn't want her down there and that started a whole new set of problems. Well at least I thought it would. She wanted to stay down there a lot and I was worried she wouldn't want to come home at night. She never goes down there now for some reason. We had high waters for a few days and she has never went back down to the creek since then. I didn't see her down there when the water was up either so I really don't understand it, but it's a good thing.

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