Duck and silkie setting same nest.

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6 Years
Apr 23, 2013
I had left the eggs from several silkies to see if one would get broody and set on them, but once the nest got about 22 eggs one of the hens and a duck I have desided to start setting them. They are both cramped together in the nesting box together. Do I leave them alone and see what happens when they hatch? They are in a big pen with all my other chickens, and just have water pans for drinking and no ponds. Will the duck and hen fight over who will be momma or split baby's or what? Thanks in advance for you input.
I have seen turkeys do this, they had laid eggs a week or so apart, one hen hatched hers out and left the the next turkey took over till hers were hatched. with 2 diff breeds might be bad, they will hatch diff times, but it is hard to get a hen to switch places once they have decided where they want to be. I would let them do their thing and see what happens.
Thanks. I don't have a drake so IF any of the eggs came from the duck they aren't fertile. I am mostly puzzled by the fact that the duck and silkie are laying on top of each other. They don't normally even go around each other. Everytime I look at them they have switched places and are both side by side or one on top the other.
I have a duck that is sitting on 14 eggs. I took 2 that are in the aircell and ready to hatch and put them under a silky, just incase they hatch over night the others still have a ways 2 go maybe 2 more days that way the mom will keep setting.
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