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Feb 3, 2021
Does this mean the drama is ending? You know, this thread was always way more about feelings of victimization than it ever was about the actual waterfowl in the park. (I think I figured out why the OP used the term "muscular" to describe geese, a term never used to describe geese, but often used to described humans.)

Hopefully, if the waterfowl in the park are being removed, they will not all be killed. Domestic waterfowl can indeed have a good life in a park, as long as they are properly fed and get any medical attention they need. They also provide enjoyment to many, many people, including those who cannot afford acreage, or are not allowed to have waterfowl. PETA, as well as some of you here, think no animals should be used as entertainment, but I don't totally agree about that.

OP . . . yes, I know you are not reading . . . you do not KNOW the birds in the park would all end up dead or injured. You WANT to think that because you are projecting victimization on them, as well as demonizing the park and park manager. (Who does she remind you of?) It would make you RIGHT if that happened.

Sorry, but the survival instincts of waterfowl, including domestic ducks and geese, might truly surprise you and others. They are smart and they are tough, and I imagine they spend no time feeling victimized; but spend it living as best they can; and parks offer them far more freedom to live as they want, than do many private homes where every aspect of their lives is controlled by humans.


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May 11, 2010
It's common for state parks to thin out the flock for winter months. It's called park management and is done to keep all wildlife healthy. Remember, only a licensed wildlife rehabber can legally transport waterfowl over state lines. This is done to prevent the spread of disease. There are lots of things performed behind the scenes to keep state/county parks hospitable to human habitation. A large number of ducks on a fishing lake is a nuisance and steps will be taken to remove all birds. Unfortunately many of these ducks are dumped at places like these and when the situation warrants, the ducks will be removed. Sorry things did not work out your way.
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