duck can't walk!!! please help!!!

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  1. Egghead Jr

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    Jul 2, 2010
    so there are 5 ducks that stay in our pond...they are someone else ducks but it is in terrible could barely walk yesterday and today it can only get around by flapping it's has lost a lot of its feathers on its back neck and wings...i put her in a huge dog crate with some straw fresh water and some purina chick start and grow...i think she has gotten snake bit but it could be something else i guess...please help...and by the way her poop looks normal for a duck so idk if that helps but thanks

  2. chickenzoo

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    Over breeding by other ducks can cause that also. They will grab the back of her head and neck, sitting on her back etc... and rip out feathers. Separating her is a good idea with food and water. She needs rest. Does she feel thin? Worms may also play a part in her weakened condition, but I would see how she does with food and rest for now, unless you see wormy poo...

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