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7 Years
May 13, 2012
We have 2 drakes we hatched from eggs. They have been delightful thus far, except I'm noticing something I am not happy about.

My son went outside to let the ducks out of the coop this morning, and he said one "nibbled" at his pants. He thought it funny. I thought it odd because it's new behavior, the drakes are getting to the age of sexual maturity and it's spring. We have thus far been unable to obtain any female ducks of appropriate and age and breed for them. So I watched the situation all day.

If any of my other kids or I go out, they actually walk away. But this one kid went out to the car, and I saw the duck chase after him, flapping wings and snapping his beak, looking aggressive to me. He has been the main caretaker for the ducks for a long time, helping me feel and water and everything. He is always careful and calm around the birds (says he is going to be a chicken farmer when he grows up). We haven't really made pets of these ducks; they won't come eat out of your hand, etc.

What should we do about this? I have never been around an aggressive duck before. But TBH, we always had a flock of both genders when I was a kid, so just having 2 drakes is different.
I think the drake is a little big for his britches, and may be trying to prove his drakeliness by taking on your son, who may be a drake in the eyes of the ducks. I know my runners seem to consider me part of the flock. They "talk" to me like they talk to each other. I know where I stand

Miss Lydia had to take Opie down a notch or two when he was acting this way. Let me see if I can find that thread.

Anyway, some people pick the drake up and hold him upside down like a baby, some pin them on their backs and hover over the drake while the person is on all fours - - - gosh this sounds stranger than it really is.... it is a matter of using body language to tell the drake, I will not hurt you, but buddy, you are not the boss of me.

And, it could be the drake kind of has a crush on your son. Ducks don't seem to be very conservative in these matters, if you know what I mean.

Here we go. And I disagree with the advice to do the drake in!
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I think he sees your son as another duck and is trying to figure out his place with him in terms of dominance. I see young male ducks wrestling all the time trying to figure out who's the boss. Plus, he might be sexually frustrated or just frustrated overall about something.
The drake went to chase and nip my son this morning as we were feeding and watering, and my son turned around and chased him off. The drake left him alone after that. I am going to watch very closely and read the link for ideas too.

They do talk don't they :lol I get chattered at every morning.

I don't really want to do him in...I like the ducks very much. He might just be in that snotty teenaged stage. If we can get through it, I look forward to having these guys on the farm for many years.

Sure wish I could find adult female Blue Swedes. Le sigh.
I wouldn't do him in, either. At worse, perhaps you might need to keep him penned in.

I have a dumped duck at the lake that nips, but a lot of it is because he really wants my attention to give him food. If I try to walk away, he runs in front of me. I'm betting his old owner encouraged this behavior when he was a duckling. I also think he's also letting me know that I'm his possession, too. He usually stops when he realizes I'm ignoring him or won't give him any food. If I don't have food, but someone else does, he will run over to them and do the same thing.
I had a drake who did this. Any time you turned your back he'd chase you. And if you ran he'd "fly" after you. Honestly I just thought it was hilarious and never considered it a problem. It's not like ducks can hurt you with those bills - unless you get your face right next to them.
For what it's worth I regularly carry my ducks upside down cradled in my hand. It's the only way I can keep them from flopping around when I carry them. Didn't do anything to lessen that drake's enthusiasm though.
My aunt has a scar on her leg where a duck got her as a child 65 years ago, so they can hurt you. And a good hard pinch on a child's leg would at least leave a big bruise.

It seems to be most pronounced in the mornings. He and I will be going out to check waterers and stuff (hubby lets the birds out when he leaves, I go out later with the kids to top off any feeders and waterers) and we will see what happens.

They free range, so penning would be an issue....we don't have but one run, and that is for the silkies. But maybe a portable electric netting fence...
Silly boy chased ME this morning. He is clever about it...only runs after you when your back is turned, so catching him to carry around is quite difficult. The second I turned around to see what was going on, he stopped and looked like, who, me, chase you? Never.

Turd. The kids like trying to catch the ducks, so I'll turn them loose on the boys and see if that fixes the attitude issue.
Exactly the same behavior for my drake. That's why I found it so amusing. Eventually he got brave enough to come up to me when I was sitting and try to fly up at me. So weird. Letting the kids chase him around didn't solve the behavior but it provided lots of entertainment :)
He has been a bit better since the kids caught him. I suspect he would be much better if we could find lady ducks.

I also spotted him chasing the roosters! LOL

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