Duck coop on concrete slab??


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8 Years
Mar 8, 2011
I have a concrete slab that I am not currently using. I was thinking about securing my Pekins
on this slab with a dog kennel and hardware cloth. I trying to decide what would be the best
thing to put on top of the concrete. Sand, straw, ect. This would be a grow out pen until I feel
comfortable moving them to the real pond! Any advice appreciated.They are around 6 weeks old. +/-
I think it's a great idea considering I'm fighting the awful duckling brooder smell right now and was wishing I had a spot outside I could just hose off! I say +
I have a concrete floor in my duck pen. I put straw on the floor to keep the feet off the concrete, though I am considering getting those rubber stable mats. It works out great, but I would worry about the bare floor in the feet.
Thanks for the input. I did not know if straw would be enough to protect there feet. Anyone use sand? Pro and cons of both sand and straw?
I hope to get to work this weekend if time permits. My Pekins are ready for the outdoors and a bigger area. Thanks for the advice.
I have a concrete slab in my duck house. I have two drains on either side so I can hose the inside down and scrub if needed. For bedding I have used both straw and wood shavings. I prefer the wood shavings. They absorb more water and you don't have to clean it as often as straw.
Home Depot sells black rubber runners in the carpet isle for 10 bucks each. They are textured so the ducks cannot slip on them. I use them in my duck house and they are great. They also rinse of easily. Another option is to get some scrap vinyl flooring, but you have to rough it up so they don't slip on it. Sand paper will work for this job. Or just flip it over and use the back side.

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