Duck Development problem??


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6 Years
Jan 27, 2013
Adams, nebraska
I have a lone duckling, (it's companion died) and I'm a bit worried about its development. It seems to be growing in size nornally, but it's wings are just as small as when it was a few days old. Got these from a store, dont know exactly how old but I'm guessing about 3-4 weeks as its just starting to get s few tail feathers. Also, it's beginning to go bald on the side of its neck and under its tummY. Is it getting ready to feather there? Please enlighten me, I'm new to ducks!
Sounds like he's getting ready to feather on the chest. The neck, I don't know... If you have no other birds (chickens, etc.) I would sure get him another companion or two. Ducks seem really "herd-bound" and stick together even more than my chickens do. Try to get a couple around the same age. He/She will appreciate it. :)

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